“Can there really be any mileage left in hard-boiled parody? Happily yes… Excellent” – The Times

“A terrifically fun show… by the show’s end they will be hollering for more.” – The Melbourne Age

“A brilliant hour of comedy theatre… could just be the best crime movie never made” – The Guardian

“Epic… this is a fast-talking, quick-moving, smart-thinking little gem of a show… entertaining, fun and very skillful” – The Scotsman

“Rollicking… a remarkable achievment” – The Evening Standard

“Great comic invention, sometimes with deliciously bleak undertones, sometimes just unashamedly silly. It’s a fun ride.” – Chortle

“Bone’s script is well-written, well-structured and a sharply accurate. It’s a remarkable achievement” – The Stage

“Extraordinary… A remarkable achievement” – Exuent Magazine

“Joe Bone takes dramatic, physical comedy to startling new levels” – The Herald Sun

“These are riotous spectacles which dazzle with inventiveness and shine with wicked humour” – The Londonist

“Constantly inventive, bone-jarringly physical and effortlessly funny.. a performing genuis” – Bristol Evening Post

“In the end, this show impresses on all fronts – Bone showcases all of his abilities and draws the entire audience along for a great ride… It’s a masterclass in one person performance” – Fringe Review

“A hardboiled gem… Bane is a self-aware, well-constructed and thoroughly enjoyable show that is simultaneously grown-up and joyfully infantile. A serious achievement.” – The Leeds Guide

“Bone’s creation can be enjoyed on several levels at once – as an evocation of a beloved genre, as sharp parody, as inventive stage comedy and as a bravura performance.” – Theatre Guide London

“Heartbeats, bullets, gurgling and driving are just some of the special effects as Bane is a one-man cinematic rollercoaster, a film noir parody with punch” – Total Theatre

“Beautiful, hilarious and unmissable” – SGfringe

“It’s an astounding one-man crime parody told through the body, exhaustive haul of accents and cinema-sodden imagination of Joe Bone… it is quite an accomplishment” – Fest

“Bone’s achievement here is massive – his film noir pastiche has managed to provoke genuine emotion in his audience… astounding” – The List