Oct 30 2012

Bane hits London


We’re delighted to announce that all three Bane shows will be heading to London’s Soho Theatre in January.

The shows will be on rotation, with the London premiere of Bane 3 on Wednesday the 9th.

The full dates are Bane 1 on Monday 7th and Thursday 10th, Bane 2 on Tuesday 8th and Friday 11th, and Bane 3 on Wednesday 9th and Saturday 12th with a special trilogy performance on Sunday the 13th.

Gustavo_Brazil_Bang-StoryBrazilian actor Gustavo Rodrigues, and musical maestro Marcio Tinoco have translated the first script into Portuguese and have begun their Rio run under the Brazilian title ‘Billdog’. With director Guilhereme Lemme, ealry signs are that the gunsliger will be a fixture in south America for some time!

Audiences have been in high praise, and the critical response has been fantastic. The run continues until December, with talk that it will be extended into the new year, expect Billdog 2 in the autumn of 2012. Vamos la!

Oct 28 2012

Bane hits Brazil


Bane 2 & 3 will be heading to Brazil in November as part of the FITA performance festival.

In a unique experiment, the Brazilian Bane (Billdog) will take the stage first, telling part one of Bane’s story in Portuguese by Brazilian duo Gustavo Rodrigues and Marcio Tinoco.

Then it’s the turn of Joe Bone and Ben Roe, who will show Bane 2 and 3 on December 1st. Buy tickets on our tour list.