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This isn’t breaking news. This, to most people, isn’t even news. This, by the time you’re likely to be reading this, is old news about some show(s) that you may or may have not seen – here goes:

So, to those who may be curious, Bane will be heading to Singapore, India, Italy, Brazil and Malaysia early next year, as well as some UK dates. I will be adding these to the gig list here on the website (to your immediate right), as soon as my brain will allow me to comprehend how to do that, negotiations are still ongoing (sniper teams are in place).

The fourth show is on its way and should be on its feet by summer 2014 all things being well. Early rehearsals suggest that wisdom and maturity DO NOT come with age – to the contrary. To those in New York, you’ll have to wait. It will happen at some point in 14′, 15′, but timings, venue and scheduling have been snagging. Shout me if you think you may be able to assist – to that end, we’ll be touring with the shows in the autumn of 2014, so if you’re looking to book a Bane, late 14′ early 15′, get in touch – it may be the last chance for a while.

A final note to say thanks to everyone who supported the shows this year, we’ve had a wonderful time that started with a fantastic run at the brilliant Soho Theatre, a three month adventure across the magnificent Australia, huge thanks to the Blue Rooms, (specifically Susie Day), Tuxedo Cat, Melbourne Comedy Fest and Live Nation – and to all the wonderful people that we bumped into along the way. We had a fabulous time at KL’s Kakiseni Festival, thank you also to PJ Live Arts, who took us on in Malaysia at the same time. Big thanks to the Cultura Inglesa Festival in Sao Paulo and to the CENA Festival in Rio, we’ll be saying hello again soon.

Huge thanks must also go to Will Hartley, who at the last minute, learned, rehearsed and performed Bane 2 at the end of October this year, due to a mis-scheduling masterclass by yours truly. By all accounts it was superb (must be the writing mate).

Also, to Gustavo Rodrigues who continues to tour Billdog (Portuguese Bane 1) across the country: Muito obrigado, amigo.

I shall leave you with a video filmed by the tall and splendid Vitor Meloni in Sao Paulo, all about the unprecedented four times winner of ‘Modest bachelor of the year award’, Ben ‘Say my name’ Roe. See y’all next year. Enjoy.


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