Bane 4 update …



Thought I best just say that Bane 4 has been delayed because I haven’t got round to it yet. A hectic tour schedule and other writing commitments mean that Bane 4 will not be heading to Edinburgh this year or touring beyond that. The plan is to take the final Bane, and a completely new show I’m writing, up to the Edinburgh Festival next year. I’d told a few people we’d “definitely” be heading there – so, sorry about that – and those who’ve made enquiries through the website, this confirms that there will be no Bane in Edinburgh this year – apologies. However, I hope that the delay will ultimately improve the show(s), as I’ll have more time to fiddle with it – and after that, make a show: WHAM. I will, however, be doing some cheeky scratch shows in Edinburgh, this may be Bane, this may be The Leafers (new show) or this may be something entirely new – I have July to start fiddling – and after, I’ll start writing: WHAM WHAM. When I know where I’ll be in Edinburgh, I’ll release something on here – then I’ll let you know on this website: WHAM WHAM WHAM. As you can see, I’m on scintillating writing form… so get ready guys… guys… guys?


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