Bane in São Paulo

Brazil's Cultura Inglesa Festival

We’re very pleased to announce that Bane 1 will be on it’s way to Brazil, in May, to take part in the annual Cultura Inglesa Festival, held around Brazil’s cultural capital São Paulo. This will be Bane 1’s premiere in Brazil. The triggerman’s previous appearance being at the FITA Festival, Curitiba in December, with Bane 2 and 3. Events will take place across São Paulo and in nearby Campinas, Santos, São José dos Campos and Sorocaba. The festival is in it’s 16th year and showcases art and culture from across the UK. You can catch Bane here:

Sat, 25th May – Campinas (City near São Paulo)

Sun, 26th May – Santos – (One hour from São Paulo)

Mon, 27th May – Vila Mariana (Central São Paulo)

Tue, 28th May – Tatuape (Eastern zone in São Paulo)

Wed, 29th May – Santo Amaro (Southern zone in São Paulo)

More details to be announced soon. For more information, sign up to our mailing list on the contacts page.

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